Request to cancel an order

When someone wants to cancel an order, it’s a concern for the company because they want to know exactly why an order is cancelled. Usually this information is covered in a request to cancel an order letter. Usually the format is done via letter but sometimes, it can be done in an e-mail as well if the website has the option for it.

Cancellations are usually handled by the billing department so for that reason, we’re going to recommend that you write a letter to cancel your order. However, there’s nothing wrong with doing it an e-mail but you need to make sure that you can provide proof via a scanner that you indeed purchased the product and have a receipt.


Starting to Write


State that you would like to cancel an order and state the order number associated.


If you would like to provide a reason, tell the company or recipient why the order is being cancelled.


State the terms and conditions as the following: You are refusing to accept any bills in your name and you will not accept any delivery of an item that’s being cancelled.

Sample Letters

Sample request to cancel an order

Dear Robert,

I’m sorry to say that after a two month wait from your company to ship the new car headlights for my Nissan, I will have to make this an official request to cancel my order. I would like my order to be cancelled immediately (Order Number: #3918719 and Product ID: #30309182).

I will not accept any bills for this product, they will not be paid for and I expect to see a response from you in the next week.