Request Rejection Letter

While a letter serves as a great tool to make a request, it unfortunately also can be used to deny that request as well, which happens in the business world. Sometimes, requests don’t go as planned or things don’t fit the plan, so rather than saying no to someone’s face, it’s far easier to write down on paper so that it’s firm and it sticks.

The format for a request rejection letter should be typed on a business letter head.


Starting to Write


Be kind and thank the requester for making the request and taking the time to get in contact with you.


Turn the request down but do it with kindness.


Give a solid reason as to why the request is being turned down and try to incorporate facts if you can or applicable.


If however, an alternate request may be accepted, then write it down and make a request of your own.

Sample Letters

Request Rejection Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Henries:

I’d like to take this time to personally thank you in considering me for your upcoming boycott.

While I have grown up quite fond of the park myself like yourself Mr. Henries, I am afraid I won’t be able to get behind this boycott and will not allow you to use my name as a supporter for the boycott.

Unfortunately, we appear to be on two different sides of the issue at hand and while I agree it’s a long cherished memory of the community here, for reasons that I personally believe, it has to go. There are some arguments from your organization that I agree but I can’t stand behind the cause.

If in the future should you have any concerns or organizations that you’d like me to be a part of, I will look into them and will be more than happy to help should the cause be just.


Mr. Henderson

Don’t beat around the bush or tell the requester that you’re considering the request if you’re not, simply say no.
Give solid reasoning and any supporting evidence as to why you’re turning down the request.
Don’t blame the requester or try to make it sound like it’s the requester’s fault.