Request for warranty repair or replacement

When an item breaks, becomes defective or is in need of a replacement, high cost items usually are covered under a warranty. Every product comes with a different warranty period depending on the company selling the product and which product you buy. If you need a replacement, you need to write a request for warranty repair or replacement letter to the company in charge.


Starting to Write


Ask the company to repair or replace the defective or broken product that should be enclosed with the letter you sent.


Clarify to the company when the product was replaced and clarify what your warranty states.


Enclose a sales receipt and a copy of the warranty in case there are any doubts or questions.

Sample Letters

Sample request for warranty repair or replacement

Dear Perfect Watches,

I purchased a digitalized wrist watch from you guys approximately two months ago and the watch has suddenly stopped working. It was never dropped or damaged, it just randomly stopped and it just keeps blinking. I have a 90 day warranty replacement plan with this watch and I would like to have a replacement as stated in my agreement.

I have attached my sales receipt which shows the purchase of the $125 watch and my 90 day replacement warranty as well. If you have any questions regarding the product or the warranty, please contact me at 489-201-3928 and ask for Rita.


Rita Yoni