Request for training letter

Sending a request for training letter is a simple letter with an effective message. It’s simply where someone asks for training, which is usually done at a paid private classroom and not in the usual classroom setting. They’re usually held during the summer and a small fee of anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Some are relatively cheap and some classes can be expensive, but it just depends on what you need.


Starting to Write


Write out a statement of which training program has intrigued you and which one you would like to attend.


Explain that you understand the cost of the program and what the general purpose of the program is.


Explain how the program will help you and how it benefits you in the long run as well.


State the reason why you need the training in the first place.

Sample Letters

Sample request for training letter

Dear Sally,

I was reading through a brochure and something called Trade Training caught my attention. I’ve read up on it and I would like to participate in the training program.

While I do see the cost of the program is $525 and I know it’s not cheap, it will benefit me greatly in the long run. In the next 5 years alone, we’ll spend $55,000 just on advertising so if we can cut that advertising cost and travel costs down by just a small fraction such as 2-3%, I would be more than hapy with the training.

I would like go ahead and register now and if I get the go-ahead, I will be sending you a $525 check or I will be bringing it directly to you on the first day of class, depending on the response I get.