Request credit card limit increase

Credit Cards for newcomers often come with a strict limit and people with low credit scores have some pretty harsh limits as well, but they’re in place for a very good reason. However, if someone feels responsible enough for a larger limit and has been paying their bills on time they may write a request credit card limit increase letter to their card issuer.


Starting to Write


Tell the recipient exactly which card you have and what your limit is currently at.


Explain that you would like to see this limit either removed or increased so you have more spending capability.


Prove that you are fully capable of handling the increased limit and that you in fact have paid all of the bills thus far on time.


Leave contact information for the agent or card issuer to contact you.

Sample Letters

Request credit card limit increase - Sample

Dear Card Representative,

I would respectfully like to raise the limit on my credit card which is currently sitting at a modest $1,250. My Visa card as you can see has been kept in great condition, all you have to do is check my records thus far and it will confirm that. I am asking for an increase from $1,250 to $2,000 so I can help pay off bills and have a little more spending money for the weekends.

I have not only paid off all of my bills thus far on time, but have done so without accruing any interest rate due to late fees or being late on my payments. While the minimum is set relatively low each month for payment, you will note that I am always paying double the amount to ensure my debt is paid off on time. If there is paperwork that I need to fill out, please forward it to me and if there’s nothing else I need to do, then please call me and let me know when the credit card limit has been raised or removed for my convenience.

Phone: 119-203-3021

I would like to thank you for your prompt response and hopefully this can be resolved in a timely manner.


Scott Thomas