Request a refund

When there’s a refund request, it should always be done in writing because of how formal it needs to be. The only reason you should ever request a refund for a service or a product is when a refund is not offered with the initial purchase. The company is going to want solid proof that you purchased the service or product so be sure to keep a copy of your bill, your receipt and any other information handy that could come into play.


Starting to Write


Identify which product or service you’re writing about and which one you’d like to get a refund for.


State why a refund is being requesting and what’s wrong with the product or service.


If store credit or a replacement is not acceptable, then be sure to state that in the letter as some stores will try to offer store credit instead.


Make sure to include all documentation that supports you purchasing the item or service with the exact amount.

Sample Letters

Sample request for a refund

Dear William:

Hello William, my name is Mary and you may remember me from two weeks ago. I was in your store (William’s Furniture) shopping for a couch for my living room on November 9, 2012. I will kindly ask to be refunded for the price of the couch as the couch will be returned as well.

I’m asking for a refund because the couch isn’t anything near what was advertised when I made the initial purchase. Some of the cushions have significant burns and damage on them when flipped over, some areas of the couch dip down because it’s missing a significant amount of cushion and I paid for a like new couch.

I do not want store credit or a new replacement, I would much rather take my business elsewhere to a new store. I have enclosed the full amount including my receipt and I have also included photos of the couch when it was delivered to my home from the same day showing the damage. Please call me at 291-1101 if you have any further questions.



Dear Alix:

I’m the gentleman who bought a PlayStation 3 from you about a week ago off of an online ad you posted for your store. I visited TechBuy on the 5th of November in 2011 at approximately 2:20 PM. I bought the PlayStation 3 for my son’s birthday and I thought it would be a great gift for him.

Not only does the unit have significant damage done to the back of it which I can overlook, because most of the time, the console refuses to work. It’s having trouble loading and recognizing discs and we’ve tried multiple system cleaning solutions. We’ve called Sony tech support and what we’re being told is that we’ve been sold a bad unit.

I would prefer not to receive store credit but a full refund on this unit as it will be returned as well to your store. I have the receipt which shows $255.95 spent on the console and I have all of the original packaging as well. I would highly appreciate it if this matter was taken care of quickly and precisely.


Robert Robest