Request a letter of recommendation

When you want to request a letter of recommendation for college or request a letter of recommendation for a job that’s open, this is when either a supervisor, a former teacher, a former employer or commonly a professor would write one out. However, a requester needs to be cautious because people who you may believe had fond memories of you back when you worked with them, may not. Choose someone wisely, and someone that you know has a good standing with you.


Starting to Write


The very first and foremost rule of requesting a letter of recommendation is to write it out simply as a request and never be too demanding. Just because you want to land a job or an opportunity, doesn’t mean that a past employer or professor has to help you out.


Something you want to mention in a request letter is any skills that may assist you in landing the position. Think of it as if a cover letter or resume is being written but in request form. You want to impress the person being asked to write the recommendation letter and jotting down your best achievements and skills for the desired position or opportunity is the best way to do that.


If an address is to be included, then specify that in the letter. Not everyone wants the address specified as they plan on sending the letter themselves.


While e-mailing is a very popular form of communication, it’s highly inefficient for gaining a recommendation letter. You want to make sure that the letter is hard copied and that it’s stamped. While you can easily save a copy of your e-mail, you should do the same with a hard copy.

Sample Letters

Sample Request for a letter of recommendation

Dear Patrick:

Hello Patrick, I’ve come to you to ask a small favor. I’m currently looking into work around here and so happened to find a job that meets my qualifications. I’d love it if you could write me a letter of recommendation, however brief or lengthy it may be.

The position qualifications state that the applicant must be a team player, independent and a fast thinker, and as you know from experience, I am all of those things. I have a lot of experience in security related work and have multiple achievements and awards for my work as well. If at all possible, if you choose to write a letter of recommendation, could you include those feats as well as you observed when we worked together?

The letter should be addressed to:

Mr. Thomas Rhonson

LWW Security

24 High Street

City, State, Zip Code

I had such a great time working with you last year and I know we left off on good terms, so I’d like to thank you in advance whether you do or don’t decide to help me out with this favor.