Renewal offer letter

In the business world, there are a few different kinds of renewals but one particular type of renewal is known as a renewal offer letter or what’s more commonly known as an upsell. You probably have been upsold without even knowing that it happened or realized that it happened to you. An upsell essentially is an extra offer or a renewal offer to purchase more products or services at the time of an order.


Starting to Write


Thank the customer for their current order of product (whatever the product is).


Present the offer to your customer in an undeniable way. Present it as something that the customer needs to complete their order or as an add-on.


Tell the customer that the price usually goes for a fraction higher than what’s currently being offered. Don’t make it too low or that becomes unbelievable.

Sample Letters

Sample renewal offer letter

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your business and your order of our in-store book on “How to Dramatically Improve Your Golf Swing.” Your order means a lot to us and seeing you succeed in your game means a lot to us as well, which is why we wanted to present an exclusive offer to you.

We have a magazine that helps golfers everywhere and helps them improve their game by at least 25% worldwide. While this service will usually cost $19.99 a month, we’re willing to offer you this exclusive one time deal for only $9.99 for the first six months. You’ll save 50% on this deal on the first six months of your subscription. It’s a product that many golfers refuse to live without, so I would take advantage of this deal today before it’s gone!

If you want to take advantage, simply mark the checkbox here we provided and we’ll provide you further instructions.


Better Golfer Inc