Recommendation for a pay raise

A recommendation for a pay raise letter needs to not only be carefully planned but have a good reason behind it as well. Management doesn’t tend to like random requests for raising people’s pay and some companies have setup structures as to when employees get pay raises and how much those raises will be. However, if you would like to recommend someone for a pay raise, then you need to make sure they’re an outstanding employee that will impress your bosses.


Starting to Write


Note the individual that you believe should receive a pay raise.


State how much the individual makes and what your requested new rate for the employee is.


Why exactly do you feel this person should receive any kind of raise? Management will more than likely want to know why you feel they should receive a raise.


Remind the company or management of how valuable the employee is to the company and what skill assets they’re bringing to the table.

Sample Letters

Sample recommendation for a pay raise

Dear Allen,

It’s come to my attention while allocating the budget this morning, that there’s room in the records for a little bit of a wiggle and a couple of employee raises. I’ve been evaluating some employees and I believe that Roger from Customer Service is the perfect fit for one of those raises. He has raised the expectation of our customers high and through his management and training skills; our customer service is rated higher than ever.

Roger currently makes $40,000 a year but I’m requesting a raise up to $55,000 a year which is far more than affordable as we’re currently way over projections in the budget books. If there are any objections or questions to this raise, let me know.

Roger brings his own method of training to the company which is highly effective on our current customer service staff. It would be hard pressed to find another employee like him and I’d like to see him kept happy.