Letter of recognition of service

When a customer would like to brag about the level of service they received, sometimes they’ll feel obliged to write what’s known as a letter of recognition of service. These can be about ordinary citizens from the neighborhood, customer service representatives or anyone who provides a service or sells a product.


Starting to Write


Acknowledge exactly what event is being recognized. If it’s a customer service agent or whatever the person may be, make sure to recognize them early in the letter so the recipient knows who is being recognized.


Elaborate on how the individual has helped you and went above and beyond outstanding service.


Thank the individual for their outstanding service.

Sample Letters

Sample letter of recognition of service

Dear Support Management,

Recently, I ran into a problem with my website and I was connected to a support agent named Ahmed Rahmif. I’m not computer inept or knowledgeable on them but thankfully Ahmed was there to help. Not only was he kind enough to sit there and answer my questions which I’m sure he hears all day but he was courteous and made me feel like an actual valuable customer.

This is why I keep coming back to your hosting company, because of wonderful support agents like Ahmed who will sit there and go out of their way to help you out when you encounter a problem. The next time someone is eligible for a raise or a promotion, I would highly recommend Ahmed as that suitable individual. He not only fixed my website, but made it run incredibly faster and fixed some small glitch errors that I hadn’t even noticed!

Thank you for your outstanding service that you’ve given me thus far,


Julie Rittencot

Dear Staff or Management,

We were eating at the hotel Restaurant Eateria I believe it was called, when we were seated next to an extremely rude table full of people. They were not only loud but were throwing things on the floor and made the place an unbearable experience for everyone around them.

However, to our pleasant surprise, our meal was paid for and we couldn’t figure out by whom. It turns out, the management and staff of the hotel owned restaurant had actually paid for our meal because of the rude experience that we had with the table right next to ours. I’m more than grateful and have been recommending your hotel to all of our friends who frequently use nearby hotels to go on retreats here.

Thank you again and I’d like to commend the manager Scott on excellent customer service.