Quotation cover letter

Basically, a quotation cover letter will cover what’s known as a formal quotation or a contract. Usually, when a signature is required by a customer so that an order can begin being processed, this is what will be required.

This is simply just a protocol to begin working and building a stable business relationship.


Starting to Write


Let the reader know that the quotation is enclosed for the job to begin and they must sign it.


Ask the reader if the quotation matches their specifications or needs and if business is ready to begin.


Encourage the reader to apply now while prices are low.


If the terms have an ending date, then be sure to specify them.

Sample Letters

Sample quotation cover letter

Dear Mr. Coffey,

We discussed this last week, and I’m here to present the quotation for the computer system as discussed. Hopefully, this quotation reflects everything that we covered during the meeting. If there’s something that needs a revision, then please let us know.

We need to know how to proceed if everything is quoted as described. What we would prefer to do is to lease out the system with low monthly payment, but it’s up to you of course. While we do offer the system for an outright purchase, that isn’t a common option that people like to take as it can be expensive. I would hurry though, because we don’t control the market for the pricing and once the manufacturer’s pricing goes up, so does ours. These prices are only going to last for 30 days, so I would act fast.