Proposal request letter

Sending out a proposal request can be a relatively easy task but it needs to be done correctly in order to entice potential investors and customers into buying something. When you send out a proposal request letter, you have to ask the potential customer for a proposal request form or more commonly known as a RPF. This asks people to simply send in their bids and allows you to explain what benefits they will gain from owning the perspective company or service you’re selling.

The difference between selling a product and asking people for a proposal is that when a product is being sold, it’s usually just one single product. When people are being asked for a proposal request, it’s usually for an entity that was acquired or for an entire company. People bid on significantly large items and that’s why request proposal forms are often involved.


Starting to Write


Explain the item that’s up for sale whether it be an actual item or a company. If it’s an entity or a company, explain what the company is.


Explain that while you want to give the customer a good deal, you can’t expect to sell it for cheap in order to make a profit.


Thank the recipient for their time and request they include a RPF.

Sample Letters

Sample proposal request letter

Dear Respective Customers,

As you may know and have shown interest in, we recently acquired the smaller company AHS Insurance and the company is up for grabs. We’re expanding our markets elsewhere and have no use or need for the small insurance company. While it is a small company, we can ensure you that it’s highly profitable and we can project $20 million well within the first three years of business.

We’re not selling it for high but you also have to take note that we’re not going to sell it for cheap either, so cheap offers will be ignores more than likely. If you have a bid you’d like to submit, please submit your proposal request forms; one has been enclosed with this letter.


Jim from HIG Logistics