Proposal acknowledgement letter

When you receive a proposal whether it’s favorable to the price you were looking for or not, it’s always polite to send back an acknowledgement letter stating that you got the proposal and would be considering all of them. Let the recipient know that each proposal means a lot and state how many other people have sent proposals. Selling a business or asset can be tough sometimes, but the right proposal can lessen the pain of selling it off.


Starting to Write


Let the recipient know that you have received their proposal and their RPF.


State how much the recipient has proposed to purchase the asset for and let them know it’s under consideration.


Tell them how many other people have sent proposals in and all are being considered.


Thank the recipient for their proposal and time.

Sample Letters

Sample proposal acknowledgement letter

Dear Rick,

I have received your proposal and your RPF. I would like to thank you for the proposal of $25,500 and it’s a very generous offer. I am currently going through 5 other proposals and the deadline to submit a proposal is in exactly two weeks from now (August 8). Thank you again for your proposal and we’ll be in contact with each other soon.


Mason Richter