Persuasive letter

Writing a persuasive letter sometimes is the only time you can get someone to cooperate. The reason for this format being so successful is because most people who receive a persuasive style letter are too scared of civil action being followed if the sender’s demands aren’t met. A persuasive letter format should ideally be written out so you can keep copies for your own personal record.


Starting to Write


In a very tactical but calm manner, state your demand. One example sentence would be something like: “I would like the damage to the toilet fixed immediately before further action is taken on my part and I withhold your rent at the court house.” The request should be early on and you should be very direct. The point of a persuasive letter is to scare them slightly without threatening them.


Include any reasoning that you feel the letter needs to be written. If the demand is that someone should fix something, feel free to state the reasoning behind the fix and why you feel it’s necessary. Sometimes, a list of bullet points will help you write out the reasons as to why the recipient is getting the letter in the first place.


Make sure both you and the recipient are informed of the actions to take next if the letter falls through with no action. Things to include might be: A deadline, a number to contact and what will happen next if nothing is done.


Thank the recipient for a prompt and hasty response. Also, thank them in advance for taking care of the issue so the issue might in fact be taken care of quicker.

Sample Letters

Sample persuasive letter

Dear Mr. Haney (Landlord)

I’ve been trying to call you for a few days now, and I have yet to receive any call back from you, despite leaving several voice mails. I’m calling in regards to a broken toilet that I’m starting to become irate over, due to the lack of response.

I’ve been walking a few blocks over to the 24/7 gas station to use the restroom and while my shower is still working just fine, my toilet is not. I’ve tried calling and tried getting ahold of you the easiest way I know how, now the next step is to send you this letter. I will give you approximately two weeks to respond to this letter and fix the toilet which is your responsibility according to the Tenant and Landlord Laws in this state.

If the toilet in fact is not fixed and you refuse to respond, I will be withholding this month’s rent, going to the local court house, and filling out the necessary paperwork to get my toilet fixed by an outside source out of your rent money.

Thank you for your quick response and action taken on this matter.


Richard Kramer

If the goal of the letter is to receive a definite response, then include a sentence like: “Further action will be taken unless I receive a response by…”
State which actions will be taken if nothing is done or your letter goes without any action from the recipient’s end.