Persuasive action request

Sometimes, a company or an individual will refuse to return your concerning letters because they don’t think you will actually do anything about it or they’re hoping the one they’re ignoring will forget about the matter. This is where a persuasive action request letter comes in handy.


Starting to Write


First, start off the letter with a concern such as not receiving a response to the previous inquires or letters that you have been sending. Include the dates that you sent the letters and the purposes the letters were meant to serve if they had not yet been returned.


Restate the initial concern or request so that the recipient knows the problem in case they forgot.


State what actions you expect to be taken and exactly what you expect to happen from the recipient’s end if anything. Sometimes when companies refuse to respond, they don’t expect you to actually do anything about it so counter that with threatening to go to the Better Business Bureau or your local bank if the matter is money related from a card you used to purchase something.


Make sure to mention all the details that you feel need to be mentioned again and be as specific as possible. A persuasive action request letter is meant to obtain a response or action.

Sample Letters

Sample persuasive action request

Dear Mr. Miloe:

I’ve sent several phone calls; I have sent several letters now and have yet to receive any kind of action or response from you. Not only is this concerning but this is dishonest business and frustrating as well. You’ll note that I sent the very first letter on March 15 and the very first phone call on March 9.

I’ve sent numerous requests for information about the watch that I sent to your shop for repair. It would not only be appreciated if you would answer your telephone number that you gave me but if you would take some action here. The watch keeps randomly stopping; it keeps going backwards in time and making a weird noise, which are twice the problems I had before I initially sent it to you for repairs.

However, after sending you the watch again on March 30, I have yet to hear back from you as you have kept my watch. It’s quite evident that you don’t want to discuss the matter with me, so I will be calling the head of the mall and I will be contacting not only the Better Business Bureau but the Federal Trade Commissions as well if you do not contact me within the next week. I will try to call you as well to hopefully resolve this issue so it doesn’t have to come to this.

I strongly urge you to call me at 322-2132 and I would like to thank you in advance for your prompt action.


Jimmy Russel

Don’t start the letter off by mentioning dull phrases such as “I am writing to you to inform…” or something cliché. They more than likely know why they’re receiving another letter.
State facts, any laws that you can back up that would be on your side and explain what the consequences of ignoring another letter will bring.