Pending and claim letter

A pending claim letter for insurance purposes or any other notable causes may go unnoticed or unanswered for a long period of time because that’s just how insurance companies can be. They tend to want to fight most claims and that’s when you have to think about writing a pending claim letter, if you have yet to hear from your agent and it’s been several weeks or longer.


Starting to Write


Start with addressing the insurance company and sharing your concerns that a claim letter has gone without answer.


Fill in any of the important details that you need to and give them all the details they need to look up the claim.


Mention the amount of the claim and leave contact information where they can reach you. Show them gratitude and encourage a response from the recipient.

Sample Letters

Sample pending and claim letter

Dear Claim Agent,

I have yet to hear back from my claim that I filed over two months ago. I would strongly urge someone to look into this and get back to me as soon as possible for the accident I was in.

Here are the relevant details to look up my claim if possible:

Name: Alison Epps

Date of Birth: 2/15/85

Date of Claim: 4/19/10

Claim Amount: $1029.29

I would strongly appreciate a response to this letter. I will also be calling you in a few days to ensure you received this letter and to see what can be done. My number to reach me by most weekdays is 323-2987.


Alison Epps