Order not received letter

Sometimes merchandise or products get lost in the mail or there’s an error in communication and products are never delivered. If you order a product and never receive the actual product, then this is the time to write an order not received letter. Usually this takes care of things because as said, it’s usually just an error in the records books or an error on a delivery driver’s part.


Starting to Write


Clarify the date that the order took place and state that you have not received the order.


Restate which product you ordered and where the order took place at. If you ordered the product from a website, an infomercial or from where ever, tell the recipient where.


Tell the recipient (which usually is customer service or billing) what you would like done to remedy the situation

Sample Letters

Sample order not received letter

Dear GamingInc Billing Department,

When I heard the news that you were releasing a game to my favorite franchise, I was more than excited. I pre-ordered the game and the release date was supposed to be on November 5 with all pre-orders supposedly arriving on November 6. While I’m reading great reviews online of people who have received their pre-order on November 6 as advertised, it has been 2 weeks and I have yet to receive an order.

I’m concerned now that the order won’t make it or it was forgotten.

Death Machine for PC – $59.99

That was the order I placed 2 months before the pre-orders were supposed to launch and I’d like a phone call or a response to the letter with some kind of answer as to what’s going on with the order.

You may call me on my personal phone at: 938-109-2903.

I’ve printed out and enclosed my receipt from the website and the thank you for purchasing page with my order number on it as well. I see no tracking information so I can’t track where order even is at the moment. Please let me know what’s going on with this order.


Logan Rossbul