Opinion letter

Writing an opinion letter to the editor or to a journalist that you don’t exactly see eye to eye with isn’t uncommon. They receive quite a few hateful and opinion filled opinions for every piece they do, whether it be in the comments section online or through personal e-mail but if you don’t want to look like a fool, then you want to be informed on how to actually reach someone with an opinion letter.


Starting to Write


Refer to the exact piece and the date the piece was published that’s being referred to. That journalist or editor more than likely does more than a few pieces a week and you should specify which one it is.


State your opinions but sound educated. Don’t just say something like “You suck!” or “You’re wrong stupid noob”, but try to sound like an educated adult when presenting your argument and why you don’t agree with the editor.


If you have any closing arguments, present them here and thank the recipient for taking the time to read your rant.

Sample Letters

Sample opinion letter

Dear Editor:

I’ve taken the time to read through your latest piece which features about travelling to India and I feel that you’re being very hypocritical of a place you’re not familiar with. Not only do you make references that make no sense but are actually wrong.

Some of the things you mentioned as being “disrespectful” are actually custom over there and it’s just not something you’re used to seeing so you don’t think it’s normal. I would kindly urge you to go through the article again but this time, respect the fact that cultures are different and yours may be different than ours.


Hassan Harshmir