New employee introduction

This is a very simple, a really short and easy note to write as the only sole purpose of this letter is to introduce a new employee to the company. A new employee introduction letter should include a short summary of the person’s background and make the new employee feel welcomed into the company. This is usually done through either e-mail or through a company newsletter but some companies chooses not to send out a notification at all.


Starting to Write


State the employee’s name and what position they’ve been hired for.


What are the new employee’s job duties and responsibilities in their newly hired position?


State the employee’s education and work background.


Tell the current employees to openly welcome the new employee and make them feel at home.

Sample Letters

Sample new employee introduction

Subject: We have a new employee!


Dear Staff,

This coming Tuesday, we’re going to be welcoming a brand new employee into our team, named Melissa Hart. She’ll be joining us as the marketing manager and handling all of our marketing operations. If you need some marketing advice, you should contact Melissa as she has over 20 years in marketing and campaign management experience.

Melissa has relocated to Utah from Washington D.C. Melissa isn’t particularly used to all the open road and farmland from Utah that we have here, so anything we can do to make Melissa feel right at home will be gladly appreciated. Welcome Melissa!