New business congratulations letter

When someone starts a brand new business, ideally you should congratulate them on their achievement since not many people get the opportunity to start their business. This is usually sent out to an old friend or colleague that has been trying to get a business off the ground or sometimes city officials will send these letters out to new coming businesses in the neighborhood.


Starting to Write


Congratulate the business and the individual for starting it.


Wish for the best for the new business owner and let them know while it can be tough at times, not to give up.


Ask for a newsletter or that the recipient keeps up with you on how the business is doing.


Offer any help if you’d like to help the business.

Sample Letters

Sample new business congratulations letter

Dear Tony,

I noticed you finally started your business! You’ve been talking about it for a long time, but its good news to see that Tony’s Pizzeria is finally in business. You know what a pizza fanatic I am, so you have to let me know when the doors officially open for customers so I can come in and be your very first customer. I’d love to stay in on the loop on how your business is doing and if you ever need anything, then let me know. You know I’ll be more than happy to help you out.