Networking Letter

Networking is the simple idea of connecting to explore new opportunities. What a networking letter allows you to do is, find out if an organization knows of opportunities that you might be seeking rather than direct employment with the organization itself.

If you come off as professional, then you might just make an impression with an employer that will allow you to either work for that company or find you a job that’s word by mouth. Also, networking letters are often responded to and handled much better than applications because there’s no pressure from a networking letter; it’s a simple request without asking directly for employment.

The format for a networking letter should be typed out on a personal letterhead.


Starting to Write


The first thing to include would be how exactly you found the reader.


Tell the reader a little bit about yourself but keep it brief.

  1. Explain your situation and why you’re writing them in the first place.

If you can request it, try to obtain a meeting or some referrals. Often at times, word of mouth is one of the most valuable tools for landing a job with a lot of applicants.

Sample Letters

Networking Letter Sample

August 2, 2013

Mr. Ronnie Goldshire

Marketing and Sales Department

SellIt Ltd

120 Rogers Boulevard

Beverly Hills, 90210

Dear Mr. Robertson,

I met you at the local job fair here in town and got to speak with you briefly about opportunities at your company RecSell Inc. I’m currently with SellIt Ltd and fill a wide variety of roles in marketing but I have a very limited role in the sales field.

I’d like to contact you today about my interest in sales related positions that may be available at your company or any positions open that you may know of. If I could get a recommendation from you or some advice on where I might find positions like this, I would love to take a lunch sometime soon and chat with you. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any kind of insight you may be able to offer.


Ronnie Goldshire

Be sure to identify your organization if you have one and where exactly you found the reader’s information.
If an applicant is looking to get a specific job, then they should specify that in their letter and any experience they have relevant to the position.
Leave your contact information or something so that the reader can get in touch with you.