Move announcement letter

When you take a new job or when you move unexpectedly, some friends and family may be out of the loop. This is why it’s important to send a move announcement letter to friends and family who are important to be kept in the loop. Sometimes it’s hard to make an official announcement when a move is imminent and is done on short-notice, especially if the family involved is Military affiliated, when moves can come in a matter of overnight notice.


Starting to Write


Announce that you have moved and express an apology for not being able to announce sooner if the move is sudden.


If you have time before the move, ask the recipient if they would like to sit down for lunch sometimes before the move (if the move isn’t a sudden move).


Announce your new contact details so the recipients can stay in touch with you outside of the internet or if they want to send you mail.

Sample Letters

Sample move announcement letter

Dear Allison and Mark,

This may seem sudden but we have moved to Utah because my company (FFO Logistics) had a sudden opening and I was only given 48 hour notice before I had to board a plane. It’s extremely short notice with the dramatic increase in pay; I was forced to take the position as it’s a great opportunity for me.

I wanted to update you on my new soon to be address as I get settled into this apartment.

Address: 11025 Longtown Street, Provo, Utah, 32029

Phone: 903-418-2938

I hope everything is going well and I hope we can keep in touch soon once everything is settled.


Mason Lane