Motivation Letter

Sometimes all it takes for someone to turn their D into an A grade is just a small pep talk and a little motivation. When people are away from home and operating on grounds they’ve never been to before, it can be hard at times, but with a motivation letter, you can let them know you’re there for them and it could change their outcome.

While this isn’t to be confused with a letter offering advice, motivational letters are simply to pep talk up the reader and to convince them that they’re going to succeed.

The format should be on a personal letterhead and can be either typed out or written by hand.


Starting to Write


Clarify why the reader is getting a letter.


Make sure the reader knows right away that you know what is going on and explain the issue.


Offer any kind of advice that you can offer to them.


Be supportive and close with as much support as you can offer.

Sample Letters

Motivation Letter Sample

Dear Martha:

Ever since you were little, you’ve always wanted to do nothing more than play video games and you were always fascinated with how things worked and what made them work. I remember when you were a child; you were always taking computers apart and putting them back together out of mere curiosity.

When you told me you wanted to be a game developer and a programmer, I knew right away that you would make it. There is nothing easy about the computer industry and the profession is hard work. There are going to be days in computer science courses where you question your decision and just want to give it all up and move onto something easier.

It gets easier in the end and it’s well worth it to pursue your dreams. Don’t give up on your dreams ever and try your absolute hardest to stick with this program, because we’re all rooting for you and have faith in you. We don’t doubt you for a minute and we know you can succeed. We hope one day to see your face on the cover of a computer related magazine for the new hottest game and we’ll be right behind you every step of the way.

If you have any questions or need anything, you know we’re here for you and we’ll always be there.

Your loving parents

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and you need to understand this.
Try to understand where the recipient is coming from and put yourself in their shoes.