Meeting announcement email

A meeting can be a different number of things from announcing that there’s going to be budget cuts, layoffs, a new employee, a structure change, or whatever the cause may be. A meeting announcement email is used to inform employees that are applicable to go to the meeting that there will be a meeting (and this is usually used when a meeting is mandatory).


Starting to Write


Announce that there will be a meeting and divulge the details such as the location, date and time.


Who is required to be in attendance and who is expected to be there?


What is the reason behind the meeting?


If the attendees are required to bring anything with them, state this here.

Sample Letters

Sample meeting announcement email

From: Lacey Ross <email here>

Date: Monday, July 10, 2013

To: Security Staff

Subject: Upcoming Event – Security Meeting (REQUIRED)

This email is to confirm that there will be a meeting for all security personnel and everyone is required to come. As you may be aware, there is going to be a rights activist group protesting outside of the building on July 20 and all security personnel are required to be here. Police will also be here to keep the protestors in line but just in case, so we don’t have any repeats of what happened last year on the same day.

The meeting will be at exactly 3:00 PM and should only be expected to last an hour. This meeting is mandatory and not optional.