Letter To An Elected Official

Congress and political party activists such as mayors, senators and other officials are one of the highest targets for hate and opinion mail. They get way too much mail to read in a single life time and often more than not, they’ll only look for well-constructed mail to read through and consider replying to.

Keep in mind that once you get out of a small town and start writing to City, State or National officials then you more than likely aren’t writing to an actual official but members of their staff or assistants read the letters for them. Regardless, you will receive the attention you’re looking for either way, whether it is from the staff or from the official themselves.

If you want what you say to go unheard then you need a crafted letter that makes sense and doesn’t just try to pick a fight.

The format needs to be on a personal letter heard and typed out. A lot of officials don’t take or read hand written letters anymore.


Starting to Write


Identify which issue or idea you’re writing about or would like to discuss.


Make sure that your position on the issue is known in a calm manner.


Tell the staff or official what you would like to change and what you think should be done about it.


If you have any proof for you argument or supporting facts, include them.

Sample Letters

Sample Letter To An Elected Official

Dear Representative Johnson:

I’d like to discuss Bill (H.R. 225) that would put a new tax on small business around here which is already dwindling. Small business owners depend on pennies and nickels right now to survive and can’t afford any new taxes. As you may be aware, more and more business is leaving the town and all this new tax will do is put the nail into the coffin.

Not only that, but these businesses around here can’t afford to hire any new employees because of this new proposed tax and costs that it would bring for the company. I ask you to respectfully re-consider this new tax and to actually cut back on it because we need to keep every business that we have here right here in town.

With more and more business leaving, I firmly believe that raising the cost to be here is the exact solution we should be avoiding. If the cost is driving people away, we should be lowering the cost to operate here. I’ve lived in this town all my life and can’t stomach to see some of my favorite shops as a kid growing up wither away because of a silly thing such as increased taxes.

Please re-consider this.


John McGowan