Letter of Ordering Goods

A letter of ordering goods is a letter that is written by a buyer or individual customer to a supplier or business, requesting to purchase products. Usually the buyer would have seen items in a catalogue or an advertisement and would like to get them shipped by courier or through the mail. In a letter of ordering goods, it is essential to include your personal information, your shipping information, your payment information, and the actual product(s) you would like to order. It is important to include a way for the business to contact you at the end of the letter (usually a phone number or email address) in case there is an issue with the order.


Starting to Write


Keep the letter straightforward, with an opening sentence requesting to do business, followed by the details of your order.


Include your personal information and contact details, shipping address, and note the method you would like to make payment.


If you are contacting a supplier for you business it is common to ask further questions about the products and whether there are any discounts for bulk orders or long term commitments.

Sample Letters

Letter of Ordering Goods Sample

Turner Lampshades

1685 Riverside Drive
Blairsville, GA 30512


Dear Turner Lampshades,

My name is Barbara. I would like to order 13 oriental lampshades from your catalogue. Their item number is #4564323534. They are listed at $10 each.


I have included a certified check for $130. That should cover the cost of the lampshades.


The address I would like these lampshades shipped to is:

Barbara D. Martin

3940 Lucky Duck Drive
Monroeville, PA 15146


Please use FedEx Express as your shipping method. They seem to be the most reliable delivery courier for my area.

If you have any questions or if any issues arise with my order, please do not hesitate to contact me at 345-453-5322.

Thank You,


Confirmation Letter of Ordering Goods Sample

Dear China Stationary,

On behalf of Crafts R US, I would like to confirm our recent order of 1000 Units of Steel Car Shaped Pencil Boxes, at $1200, including shipping.


We have gone ahead and made the order by bank transfer, and expect the goods to be delivered within 30 working days by UPS.


Please confirm that the order has been received, and update us when you’ve dispatched the products.


Our US phone number is (626) 675-0295, but you can also contact us via email at craftsareusstore@usmail.com

We hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship.



Jim Twait,

Crafts R US