Letter of Job Offer

A letter of job offer is a letter that is sent to a qualified candidate offering them a job. Usually, a candidate would have applied for the job previously, and this is just a response to that application, or a recent interview. But, in rare cases, a letter of job offer could be sent without any application being submitted. A letter of job offer usually includes salary information and other essential requirements of the new job. Letters of job offer may be replied to with an acceptance or rejection, with a brief explanation of why the decision was made and how to proceed (if at all).


Starting to Write


Briefly why you have selected the candidate and if they made the first move, thank them for their interest.


Outline what the position entails, the salary and perks of the job.


Prompt the candidate to respond and note interview information if warranted.

Sample Letters

Letter of Job Offer from Employer Sample

James C. Graham

4835 Ersel Street
Carrollton, TX 75006


Dear James,

We are happy to announce that you have been selected to fill the position of Head Sales Manager for the York Region.


We received thousands of applications from thousands of qualified candidates, but your credentials really stood out and compelled us to pick you!


This job includes a salary of $102,232 per annum, a company car, and three weeks paid vacation. The specific requirements of this job are attached to this letter.


Please get back to us as soon as possible with your decision on whether you wish to accept this job. We think you would be a great fit and would love to have you as a member of our organization!


Grace Handover

Letter of Job Offer After Interview Sample

Dear Mr. Francois,

Thank you for attending the recent interview for the Sales Manager position at DVD Direct. After meeting you in person we would like to offer you the job immediately. You are more than qualified for the position and we were very impressed with your successes elsewhere.


As discussed, this position will put you in charge of all sales at our commercial retail outlets, and includes the planning and implementation of effective strategy.


If accepted you will work 9 till 5, for six days a week (Monday to Saturday) on a salary of $120,000, with bonuses for success. You are also entitled to 3 weeks of prearranged holiday time per year.


We eagerly await your reply. If you require any further information just let us know.



Ethan Hong


Letter of Job Offer Acceptance Sample

Dear Mr. Nesbit,

It’s my pleasure to accept the position of Design Assistant with New Age Mantra. I appreciate the opportunity and cannot wait to start contributing to the company.


As we went over in the interview, my salary will begin at $70,000 per year, and a health plan will be ironed out after 60 days.


The start date of May 05, works for me, so I look forward to meeting the rest of the team on the Monday morning.


Feel free to pass on any final paperwork or information.



Jack Hurst

Letter of Job Offer Rejection Due To Salary

Dear Mrs. Ford,

I would like to graciously thank you for the recent job offer at Sutterton’s, however I will have to decline the position at this time.


After evaluating my current situation, the salary offered does not meet my requirements.


That being said the position would be ideal for me, as I am looking to move in to that kind of role and I admire the work of Sutterton’s in the industry. If the salary could be increased I would definitely be open to discussing the offer further.


Thank you for your time.


Mr. Melvin Cameron