Letter of Business Introduction

A letter of business introduction is what a business owner will write to a potential customer or client, introducing their business and why the recipient may be interested in what it has to offer. Letters like this are often sent by new businesses to other business owners in the local area, or to prospects met while networking.


You might also write an informal version of the letter to a friend if you’ve discovered a business that would benefit them.


Business introduction letters are usually friendly and upbeat, with the hope of further correspondence.


 If a new business started operating around you, and they offered something one of your friends may find useful, you would write your friend (or colleague) a letter of business introduction. You would let them know what you know about the business, their products, and that they should consider checking them out when you get the chance.


Starting to Write


Introduce yourself by finding common ground, such as mentioning a business function you both attended, a mutual friend, or the fact that you legitimately have a service they might be interested in.


Explain what it is you do or sell and why you stand out from the crowd.


Keep the letter brief, and prompt the recipient to respond.


Sign your letter with a pen, this will make it stand out from other junk mail.

Sample Letters

Letter of Business Introduction Sample

To whom it may concern,

Hi I’m David Neese and my security services company recently relocated from Bloomington. Unfortunately mounting tragic events across the country – in our public areas and schools – have highlighted the need for greater security, especially during leisure activities.


As a retired marine and officer of the law, I know firsthand that the main concern of any business owner or manager when a dangerous individual is on site, is a plan of action and rapid response. But unfortunately training is often inadequate and staff inexperienced.


My company Safe As Houses is the nation’s leader in staff emergency and response training, and I feel our service would be of great benefit to your Theatre complex.


Every week thousands of citizens pass through your doors to enjoy movies with their families, but are you fully prepared if something disastrous took place? Our 6 week program can accommodate for up to 15 members of staff, teaching them cutting edge response techniques to evacuate citizens to safety and contain dangerous individuals without physical confrontation.


If you’d like to know more, or just want to say hello, I’m down the street at 54, Wellington Road. Just ask for Dave. Alternatively you can leave me a message on 202-555-0128.


Stay safe,


David Neese


Safe as Houses

Letter of Business Introduction Sample 2

Hi Carol,

This is Phillip Chestnut from the Model Con conference. If you didn’t get a chance to check out our website, we have a great service that could benefit your model clients.


Our innovative all in one studio is located on Princes Drive. Instead of bringing the shoot to your office or using hotels, we decided to buy our own!


Models check in for their shoot at reception and are allocated a room to get ready. When it’s time to begin taking photos they join our professional photographers in a converted conference room, kitted out with state of the art equipment.


With two studios and countless rooms, we can accommodate as many models as you need.


If this sounds like it may be of interest, we offer very generous fees to managers. So get in touch!




Shannon Jackson

Pro Models LA

Letter of Business Introduction to Friend Sample

Luis D. Montoya

2950 Hickman Street
Chicago, IL 60606


Dear Luis,

This new company, Geitner Paper, has just opened up a new office around the corner from mine, and I think you may be interested in what they provide.


I have attached a fact sheet about them along with this letter. I remember you saying you were having some trouble with sales, and when I heard about these new guys, the first person I thought of was you!


Consider checking them out. I think it would be a great fit for you!

Jessica  C.  Lando