The job offer letter

When offering someone a job or writing a job offer letter, it needs to outline essential things that will appeal to someone looking for a job in that field. Of course, you need to be enthusiastic while looking for the perfect candidate who possesses the skills that you seek, but you also want someone who’s passionate and the job description matches what they want to do. Happy employees make great products and slaved employees only work to collect a check on Friday without having any actual love for what they do.


Starting to Write


Offer the recipient the job and state what the job is.


Reveal any details such as the job description or what the job will entail.


If you have a starting date picked out, where the place will be and at what time they will start, include that. Otherwise, include contact information so they can contact you to discuss setting up a starting date.

Sample Letters

Job offer letter Sample

Dear Charles Wynant,

I have received your application and your resume, after careful consideration, I have decided to offer you a job. I would like to offer you the Executive Security Consultant position here at SLW CyberTech Systems. We’re in need of someone with your qualifications and expertise in the IT Security field.

The Job:

The job hours will be from Monday to Friday 9-5 standard working hours.

This is an hourly paid position at $35.50.

Your job duties will be as follows: Monitor our networks and the networks of our clients to ensure there are no attacks or intrusions over any networks. Respond to network threats and report them to the proper authorities as well, being one of the top duties you’ll have here.

Starting Date: We’d like to have you start on January 5 if you agree to the terms here and the payment of $35.50 an hour.

Location: You will be working from the Springfield Office at 31817 Tech Road, Springfield, Wyoming.

All full time employees are covered with health insurance and dental insurance as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at my direct line, 383-033-1971.


Roger Phelmon