Job Follow Up Letter

Following up with a potential employer may just make the difference between hired and not hired. Networking is a great tool to expand your arsenal and to grow connections but you have to follow up with your connections.

A job follow up later should be formatted on a typed personal letter head.


Starting to Write


Clarify how the position was found and how you came into knowledge about it.


Attach a proofread and fail proof resume that impresses even you.


Highlight any key experience that you deem necessary.


Ask for an interview and try to set a date.

Sample Letters

Job Follow Up Letter Sample

Dear Martin,

We previously talked this morning on the phone and I have sent over a copy of my resume for your consideration via fax.

I would like to express my interest in any available data entry jobs whether they’re temporary or permanent. I have a very strong background in basic computing skills, excel management skills and writing.

I would very much so like to schedule a meeting with you in person so that I may discuss the qualifications which I feel would suite me for the job.


Roger Alps

Make sure the person reading the letter knows who is writing them and clarify your name to them.
Express strong interest in the desired position.
Use a highlighter or in word, highlight which elements and areas you feel best quality you for the job that you’re going for.