Invitation to serve on a committee

Asking someone to serve on a committee can be a hard task because some people see a committee as a waste of time and a free public service to the city. This is why when you send out an invitation to serve on a committee, you have to make it sound like a wonderful opportunity for the individual.


Starting to Write


Sound polite and enthusiastic when you invite the individual to serve on the committee.


State a reason as to why they should serve and why they make a good candidate for doing so.,


Leave contact information for the person to get a hold of if they choose to deny or approve the invitation.


What benefit will the individual gain from this opportunity?

Sample Letters

Sample invitation to serve on a committee

Dear Laho,

I would like to honor you with the opportunity to serve on the City Council Committee this year. We had a sit down meeting last year and I believe this city’s committee could use more intelligent and devoted members to the community like you. Speaking to a crowd is something that comes natural for you and you have a lot of great ideas on how to clean up this city.

You’ll meet a lot of great contacts for website contracts and potential new customers. Please let us know if you’re willing or would like to serve on the committee or if we can pass this exciting opportunity onto someone else. Also, you can call my supervisor and talk to him about the opportunity as well, he’ll have more information on the benefits that could come your way. Call 383-309-2018 to discuss the opportunity.