Invitation to a job interview

Inviting qualified applicants to a job interview is part of a manager’s job and sometimes they can be hired right from within the company. An invitation to a job interview letter needs to be short but as detailed a possible.


Starting to Write


Thank the applicant for showing interest in the company.


Invite the applicant to come to an interview. Usually, this is where management states a time but ask the applicant if they would prefer a different time instead.


Tell the candidate that you look forward to meeting with them.

Sample Letters

Sample invitation to a job interview

Dear Mr. Robertsky,

Thank you for sending in an application with the company here. We’re a new company but we’re growing rapidly and it means a lot that people like you are showing an interest in what we do.

I have reviewed your application carefully and I must say that I’m actually impressed with your skills, your education and the background. While I might be afraid that you will cost too much, I will be more than willing to give you an interview. How’s December 3 at 4:00 PM at 3172 North Street? I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your future here at the company.