Request informational interview

When there’s someone with a great deal of knowledge in a field, they more than likely receive requests for informational interviews a lot. This is basically like a session where a potential application for another company or someone interested in the field will pick the brain of someone experienced to gain more information. Consider writing a request informational interview letter if you find someone who’s experienced in your field that’s of interest.


Starting to Write


Ask for their time right off the bar and let them know that it’s for an informational interview.


Let the recipient know why you would like an informational interview and how the information is going to help you out.


Thank for the reader for their time and provide contact information so they may contact you.

Sample Letters

Request informational interview - Sample

Dear Mr. Adams,

You were a very well published author and a friend of yours who also happens to be my professor recommended that I write to you to pick your brain a little. I would like to meet with you sometime and discuss my interest in the writing profession as I would like to get into writing fantasy novels.

It’s been a dream of mine since I was a child and Professor Einstell says I have quite the knack for it. I became obsessed with fantasy stories as a child and I was always dreaming of how I could have wrote them better and how I could have improved on them, and I’m trying to turn that dream into a reality.

I’m also looking for advice on how to seek employment that will further my writing career as well and Professor Einstell says there’s no one else better to go to around here than you.


Marcus Lesion