Home offer letter

A home offer letter for a home is usually written to real estate agents or owners that are selling the homes by themselves to make an offer. Usually, the offer is slightly lower than their asking price or trying to negotiate a fair price for both the buyer and the seller. Just remember, in most deals the first offer is usually never accepted and there’s going to be negotiating on both sides.


Starting to Write


Clarify which home is being offered on.


State their asking price and how much is being offered in comparison to their asking price (if they have an asking price).


State the reason that you have labeled the offering price as you did if applicable and if anything helped influence your decision to make that asking price.


Ask any questions you have about the home here and clarify details about the home so you have details in writing.

Sample Letters

Sample home offer letter

Dear Home Owner/Richard,

I saw your listing for 44 Blooming Avenue which is an absolutely gorgeous home. I see here that your listing price is asking for a generous $225,000 but I would like to make a counter offer of $175,000 which isn’t too bad considering the home’s age and location.

The matter of the facts are: The home isn’t sitting on a prime location being so far away from downtown and the home while in a nice neighborhood is only one neighborhood (or a couple of blocks away) from a really bad part of town. While the home is incredibly nice and desirable, I would be willing to offer you a firm and reasonable $175,000.

My question is, if you’re willing to negotiate and accept the deal, would you be willing to do a walk through with me so I can document any damage done to the home and that the home is in the same condition from the pictures I saw on the website? This should only take 10 minutes and the home in question is the 3 bedroom and 2 bath property of 44 Blooming Avenue going for an asking price of $225,000.

If you have any questions for me or would like to talk, please contact Jason at 482-201-2388 during weekdays or even weekends during the afternoon.


Jason Rochter