Graduation congratulation letter

A graduation congratulation letter for College or for High School can be written in the same tone essentially. Both are important events of someone’s life and you need to make sure they feel congratulated as they take the next step in their lives. Also, if you haven’t already received a notification for a graduation event, inquire about one and ask if there’s going to be one at all.


Starting to Write


Congratulate them right off the bat about their graduation.


Ask about any upcoming event or party related to their graduation.


Ask them about any future plans they may have and offer any advice if you have any to give them.

Sample Letters

Sample graduation congratulation letter

Dear Mark,

I’d like to congratulate you on your graduation, it’s not something that many people get to go through and I could not be more proud of you. I was wondering if you would be hosting any kind of party or event for the graduation as I would be more than happy to show up and show my support for you!

Keep on being successful in whatever is you do and I hope nothing but the best for you. Just remember, life can seem to be rough sometimes but there’s always a reason for everything and keep your head up! The real world can be heartless at times but I know you can make it. Call me at 838-398-1202 if you’re indeed having a get together, I would love to be there.


Roberto Stefan

Dear Julia,

I recently heard the news that you graduated from Air Force Basic Training and I would like to congratulate you. Not many people have the courage to go through Basic Training for the Military, especially at the young age of 18! You have to let me know if you’re having some kind of party or event before shipping off to your unit, I would love to be there!
We’re very proud of you here at the Stefano household and we wish you the best, where ever it is that you will be stationed. Just be warned, when you get to your base, there are a lot of pawn shops and phony little shops right off the bases that try to sell new privates’ things and a lot of cab companies that will take you in circles since you don’t know the area. My number is 348-333-1729 if you’d like to reach me to confirm an event happening.


Roberto Stefan