Recommendation letter

When writing a recommendation letter, the reader has a pretty good idea that the sender has a favorable view of the applicant. A recommendation letter format may be formally typed out or written as well. A recommendation letter for college is the most common type of letter written as far as recommendations go. Some colleges actually hold a lot of weight on them depending on the sender and their background credentials.

While not as common, there’s the more difficult recommendation letter for graduate school format which should be typed out and include a lot more than just one recommendation.


Starting to Write


Make sure to recommend the applicant or person in question wholeheartedly and doubt them for a second. Promote them with an unbiased view but also as one of the best things that could happen to that recipient.


Describe the person in question using adjectives that describe their accomplishments.


If you can recall some work or employment habits, be sure to state them (whether they are negative or positive). Try to be as truthful as possible while still promoting them as you are recommending them.

Sample Letters

Sample good recommendation letter

Dear Mr. Righ:

It’s to my understanding that Arnie Ronson is one of the considered applicants for the shift manager position. I can fully recommend Arnie without regret as he’s one of the hardest workers that I had ever met. Arnie demonstrates not only the ability to work in a team and meet deadlines but he’s faithfully dedicated to his work and never complains about a task that has to be done.

I’ve seen Arnie dedicate a lot of his life to working, give up a lot of important things in his life to his work and he’s generally just one of the best workers you can have. He’s won several awards and “Employee of the Month” several times at previous jobs as well. He’s an invaluable member to the team and I know he’ll be just as invaluable to you as he was to me.


Roger Alps

Dear Employer:

When I heard you were looking for someone to help with your computer repair business, Matthew Brodey came to mind immediately. Matthew is currently looking for work and has an extensive history in the computer repair business. Not only that, but he’s the only person I’ve used to help fix and clean my computers out because while I’m no computer whizz and I somehow find a way to make them slow, Matthew makes them fast.

He doesn’t give me the run around like most shops do and try to sell me expensive bogus software I don’t need, he’s very honest and upfront about what I’ll need. He’s always available to work with a highly flexible schedule and will bend his schedule to accommodate your needs as well from my experience. I would recommend giving him a call at 933-210-1772.


Allen Heyman

Dear Hiring Manager:

I would like to send in my official recommendation letter for Alison Yelps because while working for me, she demonstrated not only a friendly smile every day in the office, but the ability to sell insurance like no other salesman could for me. Sadly, she had to move out of the state for her husband’s job and the family had to relocate so she’s no longer with me.

I’m sad to see her go, but I know you would be in more than good hands if you would give her a chance. Our company was one of the top insurance companies in the state because of Alison. I can only hope you see the same success that I saw with her working under my command. She has numerous awards in excellence for salesman and a long background of training for sales as well.


Logan Stales

(Former Manager)