Experience Cover Letter

Much like a regular cover letter, the point is to express your interest in working for a company and explain why you feel that you would fit into the atmosphere and fit the qualifications. Unlike a resume, a cover letter solely covers the grounds of why an employee wants to work for a company and why they would be a good fit, rather than showing off just their experience and credentials.

The point of an experience cover letter however differs a bit from a standard cover letter. While an experience cover letter will cover basic credentials and explain why an applicant feels they would be a good employee for the company, this tends to focus more on experience than anything else. The goal here is to stress as much credential and experience background as possible to seek employment with a particular position.

The format for an experience cover letter should be typed on a personal letter head.


Starting to Write


Specify the exact position that’s being applied for.


The applicant should specify why they’re qualified and what specifically makes them qualified for this position.


If at all available, mention two or more positions with a background of experience that relates directly to this position.


If there are any other skills that can relate to the job being applied for, be sure to include them here.


Ask for an interview or propose a date to set one up.

Sample Letters

Experience Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Anderson:

I couldn’t help but notice that you were actively seeking an administrative assistant at your law firm here in town at the Anderson Law Firm. The reason that I’m contacting you is that I feel my background is a perfect on board match with the requirements you have stated for your job description.

I’m bi-lingual and can assist with Spanish clients as well as English, as you had asked for someone who was fluent in Spanish. I taught myself the language after using a computer program called Rosetta Stone.

I’ve travelled all over the world from Greece, to Italy, to Spain, to Barcelona and have studied law all over the world. I’ve worked as the assistant to the Prosecuting Attorney in two different districts now and my experience goes well beyond working with attorneys as I have also even had the privilege of working under a judge in Madison County.

I’m very culturally enriched and I very much so enjoy working with Spanish people, which makes me an excellent fit for your community. I can do any kind of work when it comes to administrative such as clerical, file management, management, accounting, etc. I’ve been named “Most Reliable Person of The Year”, “Most Valuable Employee of The Year” as two different jobs and have won countless awards for my efforts I put forth at work.

If you could please take the time to look through my experience, my resume and contact my references, that should be more than enough to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with me and have me as an employee. I’m not just an employee, I’m an invaluable asset to any company and I would love the chance to sit down with you and talk about this opportunity. I would love nothing more than a chance to work in your law firm.


Robert Dugall


The tone is formal and should use what’s known as an active voice.