Engagement announcement letter

Announcing an engagement should be one of the happiest times of an individual’s life. Hopefully, only one engagement announce letter ever has to be sent out in someone’s life time. The purpose of the letter should be brief and just simply announce that an engagement has taken place and to let everyone know of the good news.


Starting to Write


Announce the good news and come right out with the engagement.


Let the recipient know how happy you are and your future plans for the wedding.


Let the recipient know that they will be more than invited and that you would be obliged if they would attend the wedding.

Sample Letters

Engagement announce letter Sample

Dear Rachel,

As my best friend, I wanted you to be the very first person that I told, before I even uploaded the video to Facebook or Twitter. Justin Hanes and I have decided to get married and he proposed to me last night! You and I both know how much trouble I’ve been through in the past with relationships but I believe I have finally found the one that I want to spend my life with.

No one can make me smile like he does. While we don’t have a date yet, we’d like to shoot for some time in the summer of 2014. You are definitely more than welcome to come and we’d love it if you could be there. I know you two have only met a couple of times but we have to sit down sometime soon and have lunch, so you can meet Justin.