Employee attitude warning

When a specific employee needs an attitude adjustment or simply just a warning, this is a simple yet effective letter to send out to hopefully correct them. An employee attitude warning is just an early sign to stop a developing problem with poor attitude in the work place.


Starting to Write


Immediately state that you have a problem with a specific act or the general attitude of an employee in the work place. If you have specific details or details handy, be sure to mention them.


If the employee has been instructed or trained by counselors in previous instances, remind them that they have received training to control their anger and attitude in the work place.


List your expectations for the employee and how you expect the employee to behave.


Strongly recommend that they attend a second round of training, tolerance or mentoring from a guidance counselor.


Remind the employee that all warnings are placed in their permanent workplace file.

  1. Remind the employee of the consequences should the event continue.

Completely Optional – Have the employee sign and acknowledge that they have read the warning and vow to change their act from here on out.

Sample Letters

Sample employee attitude warning letter

Dear Hailey,

It’s come to my attention that your attitude in the work place has been far less than satisfactory and that’s why I’m writing this letter to you today. The last thing I ideally wanted to do was take time out of my day to make some adjustments around the office in terms of attitude but it’s become quite apparent that someone needs it.

On June 5, you told another employee to “piss off” when they asked how your day was going and on June 19, you told one employee you were going to punch her in the face if she asked you another question ever again. I’ve also received other unverified reports of you threatening employees as well and this is completely against company behavior policy.

Upon reading this letter, I expect you to behave yourself and conduct yourself in a professional manner that matches that of this company and what expectations we have for you. It’s also come to my attention that while you did attend a HR meeting on harassment, that it hasn’t gotten very far, so I’d like to recommend you attend a second HR meeting and speak with a counselor on managing your anger.

These incidents that were verified are in your company profile and will never go away. If the anger or the attitude does not adjust itself, we will have to see fit to release you from the company so you can find work elsewhere. We will not release you on great terms either, as you are not acting on good terms.

If you have any questions about this letter or the statement, please see me in my office.

Please sign here to acknowledge that you have read the letter and understand the letter: _____


Jim Rorsche