Dispute fee letter

A dispute fee letter can be addressed to many different places and often times it’s related to a charge people had no idea they were incurring. Sometimes, companies will use sneaky tactics and tiny print messaging to add charges that people don’t know is even coming. When writing a dispute fee letter, you need copies of everything spent and all receipts involved to dispute the fee.


Starting to Write


Objectively clarify that you noticed some charges on your last statement that shouldn’t be there. Whether it’s in your bank statement, on a statement for a service you got in the mail or where ever the statement was, clarify where it came from.


Tell the agent or recipient why you feel the fee should be disputed and removed in your favor.


Ask the recipient to re-consider the fee or explain why the fee is there in the first place.


Leave relevant contact information to discuss the matter.

Sample Letters

Dispute fee letter Sample

Dear Hilton Hotels,

I believe there’s a mistake here on my statement because while all seemed well while checking out, I noticed that I was charged for an extra stay at your hotel which includes one more night. It appeared in my bank statement approximately one week after checkout which ideally makes no sense.

I feel that this should be taken care of immediately because upon checking out, I was charged for a 2 day stay which came to $198.99 but a week later, I received a $90 weekend charge stating that I had stayed one extra day. The hotel policy states if I’m out by a certain time (which was 12 PM) then I would not be charged for an extra day and I was out by 9:30 AM exactly.

I would this charge to be removed and I will gladly speak about this issue to an agent, my number is 384-402-2091 (just ask for Joe).


Joe Frass