Declining a business invitation

When a letter is being sent out to decline an invitation it needs to be done with class, care and compassion. Depending on the event and who is being invited, some people get absolutely heart broken when they hear that someone can’t come. However declining an invitation with a letter doesn’t have to be difficult if you offer a solid explanation and offer to see them again sometime soon so that they’ll be let down easy.


Starting to Write


Come right out and decline the invitation.


Thank the sender for inviting you and tell them what it means to you.


Offer to meet with them in the future.

Sample Letters

Sample Letter declining a business invitation

Dear Julie and Ben,

I was so shocked to hear that you guys were being married so soon! I would love to attend your wedding (which is short notice) but unfortunately, I will not be there as I will be in London for a fashion business workshop. My boss is making me go and it’s not particularly something I can get out of either. I come into town around Thanksgiving, so let’s get something to eat and catch up.



Dear Adam and Michelle,

I was so thrilled to hear that little Justin is almost one year old and is actually walking now! It brought tears to my eyes as I remember standing there in the hospital with you as you held that little boy. I appreciate the invitation to Justin’s one year birthday but I unfortunately won’t be able to make it as I can’t afford the ticket out to Florida. I’m currently in a rough patch but you have my thoughts and prayers. I hope Justin is well.