Decline to attend an event

When events are held, whether they’re cordial, formal or celebratory, have to be declined sometimes. There is nothing rude at writing a letter to decline to attend an event, because it lets the event host or party planner know how many people are showing up. The last thing a party planner wants is someone who plans on showing up not to show up at all.


Starting to Write


If the event is celebratory, congratulate them on their success.


Let the sender know that you will not be able to attend the event for whatever reason. Whether it’s because of religious views, prior commitments or the event being hosted too far away, let the person know so they know an extra seat is free.


Congratulate the individual or group again and wish them well in their endeavors. Offer to meet with them for lunch or whatever is convenient for them so they don’t feel left out and like you don’t want to come (only if you choose to).

Sample Letters

Sample Letter to decline to attend an event

Dear Mary,

While I have received your invitation to your engagement announcement party, I am afraid I will be unable to attend for reasons beyond my control. My work schedule has been keeping me incredibly busy and since I’m a new employee to the company, I am not entitled to paid days off yet. Being new to the area, I can’t afford to take any days off because the rent here is moderately high.

I would like to thank you for the invitation to your event and I would like to congratulate you on your engagement and I really wish I could be there. However, you must let me know when the wedding is and I will see if I can try to make that one as I would love to come up and wish you well on your new life together. My number is 348-020-2981 if you would like to call me to discuss a future meet up or let me know when the wedding is taking place.


Tryone Sherap