Credit Restoration letter

As a customer, bad credit or the fear of bad credit is one of the very last things that you want because bad credit can actually ruin your life down the road should you ever apply for a vehicle or a house. However, from the client’s side, being a creditor can be a nightmare because who honestly ever pays the bill when a collector calls? Plus, people blame you for their financial hardship as well, which doesn’t make much sense. A Credit restoration letter is sent out when a customer makes a payment and helps restore their credit.


Starting to Write


Thank the customer for the payment, no matter how late it is.


Let the customer know that their credit line has been restored.


Mention your appreciation for the customer paying their bill.

Sample Letters

Sample credit Restoration letter

Dear Jim,

We’re writing to you concerning your credit line on account #030-1992. We’re happy to report that your account is now caught up and current. We have restored your full credit line as a result of having a current credit line without any debt. Also, we were able to oblige your request and extend your credit line from $2,000 to $5,500 as well.

If you have any questions or any further concerns, you know I’m always here to answer your questions. Thank you again for paying your bill on time and restoring your credit line so that you may keep serving your customers.


Martha Lowgate