Credit request letter

Requesting credit as a new college graduate or someone who has no existing line of credit can be excruciatingly difficult if you don’t know how to deal with banks or credit agencies. They will try to toss you around like a toy while offering you credit for extremely high interest rates because they see someone gullible.

However to avoid this happening to you, you have to know how to send a credit request letter that sounds professional and like you know what’s going on. Whether or not this is your first time requesting credit, don’t let the company know that, or they’ll try to run you in circles.


Starting to Write


State what item is desired for purchase and exactly how much the item costs.


How much credit is being asked for and what kind of terms are being asked as well should be stated here.


If the sender is asking on behalf of a company, then state what company is asking for the money and some background information.


Offer to provide any further information if the credit company needs more information on the individual making the request.


The credit company is going to want to know if you have any bank accounts or any assets, so list those as well.

Sample Letters

Sample credit request letter

Dear Mr. Morlan,

I would like some credit line to make a down payment on a house that will approximately cost $150,000 when the house is paid off. I’m requesting enough credit to make a $5,000 down payment and from there, I will continue to make monthly payments in the sum of $600 at the minimum. I would like a $5,000 credit line that can be paid off in 12 months with no interest if the credit is paid off in full in that 12 month period.

Name: Joel Richman

Address: 212 Sunset Lane, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Company: IT Solutions/Title: IT Consultant

Social Security: ###-##-####

Phone: (120)321-2302

If you could honor this request, I have plenty of assets to put on the line as well such as my 2009 Jaguar that’s worth $65,000. I’m more than confident that this debt will be paid off in half the time that I’m given, so if you could please approve this credit that would be great!