Creative Cover Letter

They don’t always work but a creative cover letter basically is an attempt to stand out from the crowd and use sales/copy technique that will try to persuade the employer to hire you. This is a combination of telling them their current needs for the company and telling them how you would be a great fit.

Let’s face it, most cover letters are boring and it’s a daunting task to read a bunch of cover letters with the exact same mumble jumble on them. One should take caution while doing this though, because it might appear as if the applicant is trying too hard or coming across as a gimmick rather than an asset.

A creative cover letter will always be typed on a personal letter head.


Starting to Write


Identify the reader’s problem and state it.


State how you could solve the reader’s problem by being an employee for their company or organization.


Prove you can solve their problem via a cover letter.

Sample Letters

Creative Cover Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Smithson

It seems you can never have enough time in the day. Does a corporation or the president a division really have anything more to do than make good decisions?

What if some of those decisions or tasks on a day to day basis could be handled by an experienced and skilled assistant?

  • The ability to work with others in the most stressful and fast paced positions.
  • Meeting deadlines on a very strict time limit with high workload demands.
  • Comprehension of some of the most baffling business essential elements and the ability to establish which elements should be focused on to improve company performance.

I’m more than confident that you’ll find my resume to your liking and I would like to sit down with you to discuss my qualifications and how I can help you and your company.

Sincerely Yours,

Brad Marks

The point of a creative cover letter is to engage the reader in a way that other applicants aren’t.
Show them any kind of artistic side that you may have and craft words that express it.
Position yourself as their solution to their problem (which is needing to hire someone for a certain position).
Useful Phrases:

Make sure your needs are met is a common phrase you may include.
Clarify how you can help them with sentences such as “what I happen to do best” or “how I will help you”.