Congratulation on an engagement or a marriage

Getting married is something that people hope to only do once in their life and it’s the happiest day of their lives. Congratulating on an engage or a marriage is simply the polite thing to do. Congratulation letters are precise and to the point. The main goal is to wish someone well on their achievement or their recent turning point and then to bless them a happy future.


Starting to Write


Start off with congratulating the recipients right away on their engagement or marriage. Don’t fill the beginning with too much fluff; let them know right away why they’re receiving the letter.


If you plan on attending the wedding, then be sure to let them know and let them know they have your blessing.


Ask the recipients if there’s anything that they can be assisted with and congratulate them one final time before ending the letter.

Sample Letters

Sample congratulation on an engagement or a marriage

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wallace

We just heard the exciting news over the weekend and we couldn’t be happier for you guys! Now, let’s just hope you guys have a much better wedding day than we did, it was a complete disaster but we both still had a wonderful time.

Speaking of, we want you to know that we will attend your wedding no matter where it’s held or what day it’s on. Rain or shine, we’ll be there and we couldn’t be happier for you guys! Cherish these moments before you have 3 little ones running around and you miss your sleep! Just kidding, but cheers! We’re thinking of you!


Robin and Alex Smith

Dear Smithson Family:

We haven’t been in the loop lately but word on the street is you got engaged last weekend. We saw it on a social network post and I wanted to formally congratulate you on finally putting the ring on. I knew you two always made a wonderful couple as you always seemed so happy together.

I would love to attend the wedding, but you’ll have to let me know what day it is to make sure I have no prior commitments, or at least any that I can’t re-schedule. Again, congratulations and if you need any help with the wedding, feel free to let me know, you know I’d love to help.


Mary Russel