Congratulation for new job

If you know of a colleague or friend who receives a promotion, then you want to send out congratulation for new job letter to show your gratitude and appreciation to that person. They will more than appreciate your thanks.


Starting to Write


Give the congratulations right away.


Tell them how you heard of the news.


Ask the recipient if they need any help or would like any help from you.

Sample Letters

Sample congratulation for new job

Dear Martha,

I heard about your recent promotion from floor associate to floor manager and this is exciting news for everyone! Not only did you double your pay but you got new company benefits as well and you are one of the most deserving people that I know for this opportunity.

Keep your eye on the prize and who knows, maybe in a couple of years, you might even be promoted to a corporate position as well! You never know, so keep your eye on the prize and keep working hard! I’m here to help if you need anything.


Rich Colvin