Confidentiality agreement letter

When you have to share confidential information about a project or a customer, then you might need to send something known as a confidentially agreement letter. What this does is, keeps all of the facts of a project or a customer’s personal details a secret. Much like a hospital that practices patient and doctor confidentiality, it’s the same practice in business.

When you have a confidentiality agreement, you can actually get into serious trouble for divulging details of a client or a project when the agreement clearly states that you shouldn’t. This just clears the air and makes sure that you and a client are on the same page. It’s a very short letter and it gets down to the point.

Sample Letters

Sample confidentiality agreement letter

Dear Simon,

I would like to send you this confidentiality agreement that I would like you to agree to as you probably agree, that some of the things in our agreement need to be kept secret about the project due to competition.

  • I agree not to divulge any details of the project until the project is launched.
  • I agree not to share any details of the project outside of our inner circle of people that are currently working on the project.
  • I will treat the information presented as it’s my own.