Collection notice letter

Customer have a bad habit of not paying their bills on time or just forgetting to pay bills, which is hard to imagine people doing but it happens a lot. One of the worst professions to be in is the collection business because most customers just throw the letters away. When you send a collection notice letter, it can’t be another one of their in the trash collections to add to the pile.

When you send out a collection letter there needs to be a few things that separate it from the rest of the pile. You would honestly be shocked to hear at just how many people have their assets locked up because of unpaid bills. So when sending out a collection notice letter, it’s about striking fear in a way that will entice people to actually pay their bills.

Sample Letters

Collection notice letter Sample

Letter #1

We would just like to remind you that your payment of $500 for medical services provided at UCA Medical Center are overdue by 7 days now. If you could, please send the check today and take care of this invoice before the amount starts accumulating interest and grows due to being sent off to a collection agency.

Letter #2

You need to remember to be polite but firm in the second letter. The customer clearly has started to state that they don’t care, and you need to start being more firm.

I have yet to receive payment for the invoiced amount of $500 for your medical services provided at UCA Medical Center. If you wish to keep this amount at $500 and keep it low, then you will need to issue a check within the next week or else the amount will start building up a great deal of interest. I will await your response.

Thank you

Letter #3
Now, with the third letter, you have to remember that being polite is still key but it’s going to be a bit more persistent.

This is now the third letter we have sent you and now your total due has risen from $500 to $550. You are approximately four weeks due and the amount is only going to continue to grow. We understand some people run into situations where they can’t pay the full amount and if that’s the case, we urge you to call us to setup a payment plan before the amount continues to grow. In two weeks, the amount will be $600, so call us today or make full payment.


Letter #4

By this point, the customer obviously doesn’t care that you’re sending out letters and they need to become more firm and urgent than the previous three letters. Make it clear that payment is now mandatory or suggest legal action.

Dear Allen,

We still have yet to receive any payment from your or even a response. We’ve mailed you several times over your medical treatment at UCA and your total due is now $700 due to rising interest. You were explained during your visit that the total would continue to rise unless you called us to discuss a payment plan.

We have been patient but you don’t want to cooperate so if we don’t receive full payment within 5 business days at the most, your invoice will be sent to a collection agency which will go against your credit and could prevent you from making purchases due to bad credit. This isn’t the action I want to take but I don’t have much choice. Your due date is April 19 or I’m sending your invoice to collections for the full amount of $700.