Cancelling an order or service

Canceling an order or service can sometimes be tough on the phone due to pesky sales representatives or tough cancellation contracts but sometimes writing a letter of cancelation may get the job done quicker. These are written to customer service and billing departments when you no longer wish to utilize a service (usually a monthly fee service).


Starting to Write


Identify the exact service you no longer wish to pay for and wish to cancel.


If applicable, state the reason why you wish to cancel the service; they’re more than likely going to ask you why regardless.


If you have any suggestions or would like to pick up the service again at a later date, feel free to let the representative know.

Sample Letters

Cancelling an order or service Sample

Dear Billing Department,

I would like to effectively cancel my account for GamingWorld that I am currently paying $14.99 a month for. I have had the account for effectively 3 years now but no longer wish to pay for the service as I will no longer be using it.

I am cancelling my service because I no longer have time to play the games that come with the service and no longer have a use for the service. I have currently become very busy with my real life job and can’t devote the time required to play the game.

Whether I will return or not in the future depends on the future actions of the company and how they guide the direction of the service. I would like to see the games require less time put forth as people who work a full time job don’t have as much time to devote to the games. Thank you for the years of entertainment.


Jonathan Davis